Check IMEI number on any phone - Free IMEI Info

Method 1:

Dial *#06# from your mobile phone. Immediately you will see IMEI number.

Method 2:

Remove battery from your phone. Now you can see IMEI number printed on the phone. In some phones it may be noted as “Serial number”.

Method 3:

When you purchase mobile phone, you will get mobile phone sealed in a box. You can find IMEI number on the box.

Method 4 : How to check IMEI number on android phone

  • Go to Home/Apps/Menu.
  • Tap “Settings” symbol.
  • Scroll down up to “About phone”. It is a last option in “Settings” menu.
  • Tap on “Status”.
  • Scroll down up to “IMEI”. Here you will see you mobile phone’s IMEI number.

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